The Definitive BE Story Archive

The Overflowing Bra

8th Sep 18
During excursion to the mall Tamara was transformed by the Ring of Expectation from a nerdy girl into a vampire-looking bombshell and she started a loving relationship with her sports-obsessed friend Amy. Today they decided that Amy should try out the ring too. But its powers are random and unreliable the girls can’t even imagine the degree of that weirdness yet. (All previous disclaimers still apply.)
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29th Aug 18
(This is more of a writing experiment: I randomly chose a list of transformations (there is BE but it’s not the point), their durations and then strung together scenes based on them. So “the story” is rather disjointed.) Tamara is a college student, a nerdy young woman with thick glasses, no curves to speak of and mostly wearing shapeless clothing. Today she goes to the mall with a new piece of jewelry: an antique ring she found in old unopened letter from her grandmother with promise that it will change her life. This is the Ring of Expectations, it magically tries to project on its wearer qualities over people find most attractive but the ring is not too strong and works somewhat randomly.
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