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The Overflowing Bra

19th Jul 13
Sheila continues to get revenge on the bitchy cheerleaders that wronged her. She has a plan to shrink down "Chesty Cindy" because Cindy stole her ex-boyfriend. But Sheila's plan goes awry. And why is she herself changing?
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11th Jul 12
Our main character Sheila decides to get back at two more bitchy cheerleaders that wronged her. She sneaks into their room and adds some fun ingredients to their drinks while they are entertaining guys from the football team. "BJ Brianna" starts to fill into her name nicely as the changes happen. I had to split this and the next chapter up. They were far too big for one story... The next chapter will pick up where this left off and will revisit Cindy and the boys. All comments are welcome, and I especially love suggestions for future stories. Some of the suggestions from the Sexual Alchemy I comments are going to be incorporated into Chapter 4. Please keep them coming!
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21st Jul 11
Well, This is my first contribution after years of lurking. Thanks to everyone that helped with the proof reading. What diabolical plans does the magical mirror and it's inhabitant Luferra have for our main character? What revenge does our main character have in store for the bitch that wronged her? I have a feeling that there will be a lot of BE, AG, and even some pussy expansion. Please comment as you see fit. I will try and take comments to heart and shift future stories.
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