The Definitive BE Story Archive

The Overflowing Bra

19th May 18
Gary has it all : fame, money, and a brand new contract with a big football team. What about spending his last summer before the real start of his football career back in his small hometown? What could go wrong?
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9th May 18
Travis' life is a mess. But what if he had a magic 8 ball able to answer his every question... in a very vivid way?
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29th Apr 18
Mike needs a birthday present for his best friend, Dana. At HellMart, he finds a Diary. A Diary with every detail about Dana's life. And he can even edit them!
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24th Apr 18
Lara is a PhD student. When she finds an old stone from a prehistoric fertility cult...
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21st Apr 18
A story written by a non-english speak. Arrogant Dr John Bowson has a machine able to bend reality itself. He just needs a guinea pig to try it on humans. His maid will do the job!
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