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20th Jul 08
This is a B.E scene of an Anime I am currently watching. There is no B.E in the acttual scene in the anime but I thought it would be better with some B.E in there. By the way this uploading also symbolises my last forey in to writing B.E for quite some time as I am currently working on my vampire romance novella. which would deffintly not be suitable for a conversion to a B.E scene. Bye then :D
big cb fast huge magic ment rc sc
31st Dec 03
Possible beginning of a BE universe. If you like, please cointinue.
aliens big fast asleep
15th Jul 04
The thanks go to all who gave to this wonderful story; I just cleaned up a few things and made it into a novel. And added things of my own. Enjoy!
ag aliens ar big chem fast gts huge instant lac preg shem weird
21st May 05
Liz makes a new friend, an eye-shaped blue gem with a taste for big breasts and plenty of sex. This friend, however, has enemies. (This time without the goofed formating)
big instant magic mm mpg asleep
12th Jul 98
New arrivals at the school provide an ideal opportunity for the Sexual Chemistry girls to carry out some vital r&d work.
bg fa fast
26th Jul 98
A fictional story of how Wendy Whoppers reversed her breast reduction.
bg fa fast huge magic
25th Apr 14
It's a world where any body modification is normal. IF you want BE, you've got it. Looks, intelligence, they're for sale. Question is, would everybody want it? WARNING - while this does contain BE, and some PE, etc., it does try to tell a story. It's pretty long, so now you know.
big fast hg mm mpg science wow
7th Dec 18
An adept sorceress attempts to take down an unusual creature.
huge instant lac magic asleep
25th Oct 99
On Halloween night the cameras catch the action as Lyn and June confront a breast-enlarging evil spirit on a live-action police show.
bg cb instant magic nc rc wow
17th Dec 07
An 83 year old man discovers a djinn's lamp in a park, but then the old man says he's lived his life, and gives the lamp to a young newlywed couple he sees. This touches the djinn, and having his faith restored in humanity, he grants the old man his only wish, and is very generous to the couple. The djinn bestows a few wishes upon the couple, and, well, you can probably guess where this is headed... Includes a preview of things to come in a future chapter. Be sure to tell me what you think on the overflowing forum!
big fast gts huge lac magic mg mm mpg sc
7th Sep 99
Mad scientists? Pills? Just read this story and do what it says. Wake up when I count to three. One... two...
bg chem fa fast huge
15th Mar 98
Swallowing a bunch of balloons has an interesting effect on a girl.
bg fa fast wow
15th Mar 98
Still more fun with the Balloon Party girls.
bg fa fast wow
1st Oct 98
An alien balloon suit causes a girl to inflate.
bg aliens fa fast lac preg wow
28th Jun 98
In the far future, the sister of a jilted boyfriend gets revenge on the hussy who ruined her brother.
bg nc preg science wow
12th Nov 01
Nina spends some quality time with some amorous carnival balloons
fast huge nc
2nd Dec 15
21st Mar 19
A barista's crush receives a special coffee blend. The special ingredient: breast milk. Warning: very puny story.
bg big fast huge lac
11th Nov 01
Plans to cheat at a high school women's basketball game go wrong in breast possible way!
huge magic wow
10th Sep 08
In response to your comments I have repackaged the story in both .doc and .txt formats. I understand what a lot of people are saying about the plot being overused, but then the story has to be at least 6-7 years old in my possession, let alone how long it was on the usenet sites, so who knows Cheryl's bathtime adventures with the shower hose could have been inspiration for some of the newer stuff. Anyway for those who couldn't read it ... enjoy. This is a Classic BE tale.
cb fast sc wow
14th Aug 08
I acknowledge that I have not had any contribution towards this story, save for seeming to have kept it longer than anyone else, if you wrote it then you have my heartfelt thanks, this story opened my eyes to a world of BE. So now I give back to the community, the story that captured this weirdoes imagination. MadMacs2010 – BEen a fan for a long time Bathtime fun with the shower hose has some surprising and fun results - or do they...?
cb fast huge sc
21st Nov 13
Two girls entering a virtual world encounter a mysterious enemy with a strange and powerful ability.
big fast huge science
29th Apr 06
The only BE comic from the klnking giantess site.
ag cb chem fast gts wow
12th Jul 98
The Greek Gods invented BE... didn't you know that? This history lesson/story is the proof!
bg fa fast huge magic
7th Sep 09
Here's the next in the BE and History series, this one about King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Plus some cameos from some other historical figures. Educational as well as entertaining! The time stamp on this file says "April 1999".
cb huge instant magic
24th Jun 10
The Audio Erotica of Princess Grace, and her lunar transformation.
ag fast huge ment weird
30th Aug 15
I'm uploading this anonymously for I3reacl. I recently did some digging in an internet archive and, through some page sources, I was able to get the original text to many of his stories. This is the longest one I could get, spanning across 2 parts (combined into one in this file). Keep in mind that the source I got this from was a coded muddled mess, so if there are some odd symbols in places, I apologize for not catching those. Also, remember that I3reacl's first language wasn't English, so there may be some grammar/spelling errors within the story. Either way, enjoy!
big cb fast huge instant magic nc
10th Jan 00
Howard gets a special Christmas gift.
31st May 00
100 Laws of Physics in BE Stories.
20th Aug 14
A few short BE stories I've come up with over the last few weeks. Enjoy!
ag big cb chem fast hg huge instant lg magic sc science
8th Nov 12
Your room mate Shilpa has received a shipment of tea from her Aunt, but when she tries the tea it has strange and delightful effects on her. Each tea causes a distinct change, and it isn't long before the cumulative effects turn Shilpa in to a living fantasy. This was originally a Choose-Your-Own adventure story posted to Deviant Art, so it is written in second person with illustrations. The epilogue has yet to be written, and OFB readers can leave feedback in the "Rate Me" section on what they'd like included in the Epilogue.
ag big cb fa huge instant lac magic ment nc preg rc sc
29th Apr 09
When two friends make wishes on a camping trip, the river spirit grants them as best it can... however, being popular can mean many different things.
ag fast huge instant lac magic ment nc tg asleep
4th May 98
A realistic BE story about a genetically-engineered virus which gets loose.
bg big chem slow
9th Sep 15
A very short (2500 words) story about a homemade computer program.
ag huge instant science
27th Dec 02
huge instant ment
12th Jan 06
Helia uses a special suntan oil leading to BIG results. Sorry about the empty space for pictures...couldnt recover them.
ag chem fast huge nc
27th Apr 98
The valiant detectives of Blue Team go to the beach to nab a hot-goods merchant, but they get more than they bargained for in this Police Blue episode!
bg nc sc science wow
7th Apr 00
A visit to a clothing optional BEach has beneficial effects.
bg fa fast huge mg mm mpg
23rd Sep 02
After wandering in a haunted forest, Isis stumbles across a old temple, with a lonely and busty demoness inside.
gts huge hyp lac magic sc weird wow
23rd Sep 02
After returning to her town, Isis uses her new breast powers to get revenge on all of the people who made fun of her for being flat chested.
big fast instant lac magic nc weird wow
30th Apr 98
Three teenage girls experience various forms of BE.
bg big chem magic
26th May 05
Amanda Zonn uses super-science to change her plain body into that of a ravashing goddess. But what happens when she turns the dial too far?
ag fast gts hg lg science
18th Sep 99
Finding an antique dildo adds a new dimension to Sue's fetish.
bg fa fast huge magic shem
19th Oct 99
Sue's attempt to try out her new cock with a threesome backfires.
magic shem
5th May 10
Andy is a young, handsome, smart, fucked up kid. Preparing to take his first steps on the road to "Being his own man." Will he manage to find a way to reach his destination? Or will forces beyond his understanding take him prisoner and control his life, his mind, maybe even his soul. Read on to find out. (This is my second story. I have sincerely tried to improve on my technical shortcomings, and look forward to feedback thank you for taking the time to read this.)
ag big fast huge magic
29th Apr 03
Jessie gets more than a price for working out a puzzle in a temple. She becomes a Goddess of Love and Pleasure. Her life becomes a lot bigger than she expected and she loves it.
big fast huge magic science weird asleep
17th Apr 19
James' wife, Shelley, chooses to spend her inheritance to alter her appearance. This is a very short story that I wrote to explore an idea I'd had. It focuses mostly on the growth, with some very slight themes of gentle fem-dom.
ag cb fast gts hg huge lg science
5th Dec 11
Yoga-loving Odetta Lucessi gets stung... and stung... and stung...
ag big cb fa lac preg science weird
6th Dec 11
Yoga loving Odetta Lucessi gets stung...and stung...and stung... A corrected version in ODT format. Hopefully it works.
fast lac preg science weird
12th Dec 11
A Microsoft Word version for the rest of us.
big fast lac nc preg science weird
20th Dec 99
An angel grows slowly bigger while her monkeys type out Shakespeare.
bg slow wow
2nd Jul 05
a man gets a drink from an odd waitress.
fast huge lac magic weird
13th Sep 04
In the near future, advances in nano-technology allow one man to live out his dream of being a slut.

big fast huge instant science tg
13th Dec 09
Jeanette plays a quick game online to pass some time. Who says that gaming isn't good for your figure? A Short story that was posted over at MC Archive. I thought it was worthy of the repost here, and the author gave permission to do so.
big fast magic ment rc
13th Dec 09
FIXED- TXT file now! Sorry about that! Jeanette plays a quick game online to pass some time. Who says that gaming isn't good for your figure? A Short story that was posted over at MC Archive. I thought it was worthy of the repost here, and the author gave permission to do so.
big fast hyp magic ment rc
22nd Sep 02
Shannon reads instructions in an old book on how to alter her body and soon finds herself much curvier.
ag huge asleep
6th Jun 18
A young woman called Layla and her boyfriend Danny meet a fortune-teller. What happen when Layla doesn't believe in her prophecy? Well, the fortune-teller give her a price to pay for her skepticism... on her chest. English is not my first language then I can understand if my story could have grammar mistakes, but try to give a chance to this story. Illustrated story with PDF, docx and picture.
bg big cb fast huge magic offstage rc sc slow
16th Jul 03
A branch off of the Master PC series, this is the beggining of the tale of Ben's abuse, him recieving the Master PC program, and having some fun with it
big fast
15th Nov 01
Four teenagers find a strange magic statue of a stacked woman. Each one wishes for breasts bigger than the previous!
big cb fast huge magic wow
18th Mar 98
An accident with a vegetable-growth formula leaves a company manager with a big problem. Two big problems, actually...
bg chem fa fast huge
25th Apr 02
She was already overdeveloped, then she disovers that arousal makes her grow even bigger!
ag cb fast huge weird
2nd Oct 07
This is my first attempt at a story in nearly a decade, I am rusty, but I will warn you now, this is a story with many parts, i am already writing up chapters 3 and 4 and possibly 5 soon enough. There isn't as much BE in this as the generic story, I have decided to stretch this out because of a heaven for bid, an actual plot. Feedback is appreciated, I have attempted to catch all grammar and spelling errors, if I have missed any please contact me through the forum. The story itself is about a woman who through a spell has the ability to live forever. She is caught in-between heaven, hell and the chance to save her own soul. Enjoy.
ag fast hg lg magic mg mpg slow
24th Apr 02
A Halloween surprise turns Susan into a whole lot of woman!
ag cb fa fast huge magic sc
9th Dec 01
A young apprentice find an interesting spell in her masters book. Maybe she shouldn't of read it while drinking?
fast magic ment nc wow
3rd Jul 19
Peter has a problem : he is... shrinking. How is it even possible? And why is his sister and her friends suddenly growing?
bg big gts inc magic slow
19th May 98
Placed as 20th century FBI agents, the cast of BIBTS are out to stop Mr. Big from adding another definition to the nickname 'Big Apple'!
bg big chem instant nc
26th Nov 11
A big (and growing) student athlete finds a petite girl who becomes his wife. Through his own changes, she benefits as well....
big fa mm mpg preg science slow
30th Nov 98
A group of fanatical criminals and pirates intend to pick up where Mr Big left off. Can Ensign David Carson and his friends save the universe from the horror of wanton breast expansion? Find out in the 'biggest' Blue Undercover story to-date!
bg cb huge instant nc science wow
8th Mar 02
Another story written for me by Sofia. This story also deals with BE via breast augmentation. Any resemblance to real individuals may in fact be correct.
big offstage science
6th Jan 17
An anthropology professor experiences a big change while in the jungle. PE for the professor leads to BE for others. Possible first story in a chain....enjoy.
bg big chem fast mpg asleep
3rd Apr 00
A bra, some cum, and some girls growing bigger tits - what more do you need?
bg big magic asleep
18th Jul 98
A gorgeous girl and nervous boy being in charge of blowing up balloons for a high school party leads to some surprises for the boy.
bg ag fa fast huge preg
22nd Sep 12
Sammie Richards' life was pretty ordinary - nothing really exciting happened. That was until she decided to help an old woman, Eliza, with her car one day. She didn't know that her life's excitement would become bigger ... way bigger.
ag big cb fa fast lac magic sc
25th Sep 12
Sammie Richards is back in another two FAT chapters! She finally meets her lover, uncovers why she got her 3 wishes even though there is many kind people in the world. Sammie also decides to have take-out for dinner ... I wonder how that's going to go ... (Chapters 1-4 with some changes in 1&2. Hope you guys with da food fetishes like it. :)
ag big cb fa fast lac magic sc
12th Jul 98
The St Cat's Chorus goes on tour!
bg fa fast
28th Feb 19
Rejoin Stacky and TLink for a seductive Valentine's Day and a swelling-good time. Illustrated by the ever-talented Ninny Moose.
bg big cb chem fast lac magic wow
25th Jul 18
Two hot naked women and an island of giant mutant slugs. Slime, preggo, and a little BE. Simple as that.
bg big lac nc preg science slow
17th Jul 99
A teenage boy tells about his younger sister and her amazing development into a teenage amazon.
bg inc mg nc slow
14th Aug 15
big inc magic mg nc slow
12th Jul 98
A girl and her sister find a way of spending Saturday evenings.
bg fa fast
17th Aug 02
A young man finds himself not only slowly shrinking but also the object of affection of his girlfriend's rapidly developing little sister.
big cb gts lac science slow
8th Aug 98
Mr Big goes to school! Disguised as a teacher, the infamous superlecher is determined to inflate the bustlines of every nubile girl on campus! Can the girls in blue stop his nefarious scheme?
bg big nc slow
6th Jul 03
Full version of story on this site listed as "The Mistake"
lac wow
5th Feb 99
It seems that the buxom duo can't even take a quiet vacation in the woods without running into Mr Big. Police Blue #30.
bg huge instant magic rc asleep
18th Jul 98
Mr. Big stirs up the theater scene in his search for fresh companionship. But even Big has to contend with the Flat Chest Society and their violence-prone allies, the Flat Fronts. All this and more in today's Police Blue episode!
bg huge instant nc rc sc science
18th Oct 17
Two roommates bicker and strange things seem to happen as a result...
bg ag big cb fast huge instant magic
18th Feb 98
That lecherous supercriminal Mr. Big has yet another wacky plan to inflate breasts. Can our heroines in blue stop him?
bg big nc science slow
25th Mar 99
A waitress gets a strange tip at a restaurant one night.
bg big chem fa fast mg mm mpg
30th Jun 18
My Hero Acadamia Expansion Sequence I did for a contest that won, the pic I got as a prize is included at the end. Mei Htasume is a genius inventor that makes gadgets to help heroes do their job, but something goes wrong and one of her gadgets has some very very good results.
ag cb fast gts huge science
9th Jan 99
A school nativity play presents a problem for the boy selected to play the Virgin Mary - he can't find a bra big enough!
29th Mar 98
Horror story of a woman who uses a new experimental mold to reshape herself.
big nc science
28th Apr 19
Candace has always lived in the shadow of her hotter, more outgoing twin sister and the comparison bothers her more than ever now that they're sharing a flat while attending Uni. When Candace discovers a genie in a bottle, her wish that her sister wasn't the biggest bimbo in the school doesn't come true in the way she expects. This is the first part of a new story that I (Frig) intend to expand and continue according to requests from patrons, but the whole story will eventually be posted when complete.
bg ag big fast hg magic nc
16th Mar 00
Richard's rewrite of Hot Ultra Buxom Loving - at last!
bg big
14th Mar 98
Story told in the first person of a woman who tries to satisfy her husband's BE fetish.
bg chem fa fast wow
19th Sep 98
Wishing to be in a bikini B-movie may not be the wisest choice...
bg big magic slow tg
30th Aug 15
I'm uploading this anonymously for I3reacl. I recently did some digging in an internet archive and, through some page sources, I was able to get the original text to many of his stories. This one features both breast and butt expansion. Keep in mind that the source I got this from was a coded muddled mess, so if there are some odd symbols in places, I apologize for not catching those. Also, remember that I3reacl's first language wasn't English, so there may be some grammar/spelling errors within the story. Either way, enjoy!
ag big fast huge instant magic ment nc
25th Sep 03
A Wishing Rock, Superpowers, Supergirls, Supertits...
big cb fast huge instant magic mg mm
2nd Jul 04
A Wishing Rock, Superpowers, Supergirls, Supertits... Edited Part 1 after some feedback about paragraphs, hence the double upload. Please give some feedback again, I try to improve my stories. Thanks alot!
big fast gts hg huge lg magic ment mg
1st Jul 00
Never go against the wishes of your author, as Bill shows us in this comedic short story.
bg weird
13th Apr 18
I thought I found the woman on my dreams, boy was I mistaken.
bg big chem lg mg mpg slow
13th Apr 18
I thought Barbara was it, but Kate came along
bg big lg mpg slow
13th Jun 17
In the same world as the Lucy series, a young woman believes her boyfriend is cheating on her with her roommate, and decides to use the bimbifying milk to get revenge... but things don't turn out the way she planned. Had this story sitting around for awhile, don't know why I never uploaded it.
ag chem fast huge ment mpg sc
18th Jul 11
Suzy gets a new job.
big hg instant lg ment offstage science
18th Jul 11
Suzy gets a new job.
big hg instant lg ment offstage science
29th Nov 01
This includes several stories from the Addventure Project and some of the more surgically-based BE stories by other authors.
big chem fast huge ment slow
27th Dec 02
huge instant ment
27th Dec 02
A set of divergent threads from the BEAddventure about the bimboization of Britney Spears, Melissa Joan Hart and Jennifer Love Hewitt.
fast huge ment slow
25th Jan 99
Splashed with a chemical agent, two geeky teenage boys are transformed into sexy women.
bg big chem fa fast tg
24th Apr 15
This was a story I found on a site dedicated to female erotic competition, and since I always loved the idea of women competing with each other about the size of their breasts, I added some BE elements as well. I should cross post it in the original forum as well.
big science slow
13th Mar 19
Another adaptation of a Tieryn story. Yasmin has just turned eighteen, but is dealing with some relationship issues. That all changes when she becomes another B&M test subject.
ag cb chem fast huge lac ment mg nc science
25th Dec 10
Brief, but telling. Romance, breast implants and augmentation
cb fast huge science
25th Dec 10
Brief, but telling. Romance, breast implants and augmentation.
big cb fast science
10th May 98
A new take on the older BE story ""Birthday Surprise"" also tells of a girlfriend who surprises her boy with a magic potion on his birthday.
bg fa fast magic mpg wow
21st Apr 06
A birthday present causes extreme growth. A true house-filler!
cb chem fast nc wow
17th Nov 99
Four Americans exploring the Amazon rainforest make a startling discovery.
bg big fa fast lac wow
10th Jan 00
Venetia's breasts seem to be growing out of control. Visits to her doctor don't seem to be producing the results she's aiming for.
big cb science slow
23rd Sep 18
A rich, bitchy but aging housewife misses the days when she was just a bitch having fun. Maybe HellMart can help.
ar fast hg huge lac magic sc
19th May 11
Liz learns that a witch's bite IS worse than her bark...
big fast hyp magic ment nc weird
20th Jun 11
Liz learns that a witch's bite IS worse than her bark...
fast huge magic ment nc weird
28th Apr 99
Sam Sloboth investigates a series of mysterious BE cases. Is it someone with a souped-up bottle of Bubbles, or something more insidious?
bg cb huge instant magic
14th Mar 98
Revenge on a man involves turning him into a huge-breasted slut.
bg big chem ment slow tg
10th Oct 99
Tongue-in-cheek tale of a dense Norse god and his battle with a dwarf. And, oh yeah, he gets some manly rewards at the end!
bg big fa fast lac magic
11th Apr 13
My first story!!! I hope U like it!!! After breaking up with Jacob, I went to his bar, and "serviced" all his friends who hang out there... which made my boobs grow SO BIG!!! This story is for YOU, Jake!!!! Jake likes all this BE stuff, so if U know Jake, PLEAZZZE make sure he sees this LOL!!! THANK U!!! And thank you Helia for ALL the inspiration!!!!
fast huge
2nd Aug 11
Crow buys a necklace that changes his life.
ag cb fast hg huge magic ment tg weird
4th Jul 04
This is the first story from writer sick of life. About a young girl and her jaded boyfriend. When she decides to take drastic measures to keep him he finds out what it's like on the receiving end of criticism.
bg cb
30th Sep 15
ag fast huge magic ment
21st Sep 02
A magical shop offers some interesting items to enhance ones bodily attributes (i. e. breasts), some with interesting side effects... (more to come)
big magic slow
31st Dec 02
Revised Edition, Parts now Seperated. Julia uses a magic necklace to get the body of her dreams. (Exploration and introducing Samantha)
big fast magic
31st Dec 02
Revised Edition, Parts now Seperated. Julia uses a magic necklace to get the body of her dreams. (still to be continued, far from finished) Happy new Year!
big fast magic
20th Feb 03
Boobana unleashes her power :)
big fast magic
19th Jun 03
Rebecca gets chosen by Boobana, the D-Team 'redesigned', Samantha explores...
big fast lac magic
30th Sep 04
Julia at the beach party and Francis' initiation by Boobana. To be continued soon. Please feedback me on the story, as usual much welcomed. Remember, I'm not native english. Enjoy!
big fast gts huge lac mg
13th Oct 04
Exploration of Boobanas powers and the first initiate.The promised continuation. Still more to come... and feedback more than welcomed. Thanks!
big fast gts lac mg
31st Dec 02
Revised Editiion, Parts now Seperated. Julia uses a magic necklace to get the body of her dreams.
big fast magic
21st Apr 03
A guy meets a girl with beachball sized boobs that grow bigger and bigger as the story continues
bg cb fast huge wow
21st Apr 19
They know your wishes without needing to say. You've wished for someone to whisk you away. That's what happens when you come to play. At our most fabulous, Perverse Cabaret. Invited on a Blind Date, one man's inner most desires will be unleashed.
ag cb fa hg huge instant lac magic ment preg rc tg
13th Sep 09
Alexis has the weight of the world on her shoulders; she's broke, she's miserable, and she's stuck on a trip with a group of chirpy teens. And while she can't stand them, deep down what bothers her is how easy it is for them to be happy...
big chem fast ment
12th Nov 01
A boy, a girl and some magic sweets. A lot of magic sweets.
cb fast lac magic nc wow
24th Dec 01
Ariel grants her boyfriend's wish to be a pornstar... she turns him into a living rubber blow up doll
huge magic nc shem slow tg
10th Jun 11
A story based on the X-Men movie... the movie not the cartoon series. This is a experimental story like the Simpson one to see how well it would be recieved... I hope that this will be recieved well. Anyway... Summary: When Mystique finds that she is regaining her powers however she only gets some of her powers back wanting all her powers she sneaks into a lab to retrieve the mutant regenerator… or does she?
big bond chem fast huge ment science shem weird asleep
7th Apr 00
Magical wishing in the dark leads two sisters into sex and transformations.
bg fa fast ft hg huge magic rc
3rd Feb 98
""The ultimate aphrodisiac"" is how this odd milk is marketed - but it's so much more than that. It's all part of an insidious plan to take over the world!
bg big chem lac slow tg
14th Jun 98
In this Boobs In Blue comic, Lynnae moonlights to earn extra cash. Will her ample talents get her fired from the police?
bg huge instant nc sc science
18th Feb 98
Quinn and Rose go undercover to break a sex slaver ring
bg huge nc science slow
18th Feb 98
Quinn and Rose are asked to get a boy out of his fetish.
bg big nc science slow
9th Aug 18
Michael finds himself in a hospital of shifters. Perhaps he'll find out why Jessica was acting the way she was on the mountant, with her mountants. And let's not forget if there is one shifter about, most likely a dozen lurking around waiting. (Includes the prelude) Remember if you like, hate, or want to say something leave a comment!
bg ag aliens ar big cb hg instant lac ment mpg nc sc science
25th Aug 18
Both Michael and Jessica figure out they need to work out what is happening to them. Between a pair of Doctors, a bodyguard, and a nurse name Cherry, Michael may not know what hit him, or in this case a lot of sex with him. Included in this one is a long make-out session. Even the twins see the need to keep Michael around.
bg ag aliens big cb hg instant lac lg ment mpg science
13th Jul 18
A Long Time ago... Wait No, that's copyrighted. 9 years ago, I asked if I could possibly delve into the future of the body shifters universe. Every year I would add a page or two to the stack as I'm not confident in my writing skills, but I kept at it. So now I think I have the first set up of the world that popped into my head so long ago. And for good or ill, I'm now sharing it with all of you. Please, be gentle. ;)
bg big fast ment offstage
27th Aug 08
Part one of a bodyshifters epic. Alien women with incredible powers are giving all men everywhere the sex of their wildest dreams, but when an old friend sends one of his harem as a gift, a dark and disturbing discovery is made by a lonely Shifter outcast. Will the newcomers to the harem disrupt their lives of mind-boggling pleasure? What sexy, big-busted secrets lie behind, The Vegas Strain?
aliens big chem fast hyp instant lac ment mg mpg multiple preg sc science weird
29th Aug 08
All is not well in the sweat-drenched harems that are popping up around the country. A lonely, Shifter-exile discovers a menace to her world, and the pleasure of her Master. There will be orgies, gigantic boobs, and sexual urges to drive a man insane! (reformatted)
aliens chem fast huge hyp instant lac ment mpg multiple preg sc science weird
4th Sep 08
The complete archive! Reformatted chapters 1 and 2 plus the unreleased Part 3! Trina has undertaken a journey to the birthplace of the mutant Las Vegas Strain. There, she discovers a town overrun by Shifters, and a pleasure great enough to freeze the heart. (and expand the boobs) She survives by seduction, flourishing on sex, but the true key to the prosperity of Trina's offspring relies on Porn. No man can resist the alien invaders that use pleasure as a weapon, but can such an alien save mankind from her own species?
aliens big chem fast huge hyp instant lac mpg multiple preg sc science weird
13th Jan 13
I've waffled on uploading this here. It's inspired by the Body-Shifter's series, but the bulk of the story is focused on human women, and rather than just breast enlargement it's mostly pregnancy and weight gain. So just be advised this is very different from the other BSU stories.
ag fa huge lac preg science slow wow
8th Mar 08
(Thanks to JS for creating the Body Shifters Universe: I wasn't told where the alien came from; My job is to study it. But how long can I remain a neutral scientist when confronted by a sultry entity that can take the form of a man's greatest desires? The alien seductress has bra-busting powers of busty eroticism that make my cock harden just to imagine it. And she is cunning; not content to merely wait to entice me, she has a plan to escape, seduce, and increase. And I, I will be the one to help her.
aliens big bond huge instant lac lg mg multiple nc sc science weird
15th Mar 08
The true nature of the Shifters remains a mystery, but it is clear that they are unrepentant nymphomaniacs with a libido to shame the most jaded whore. Cara and Clara near the completion of their cycles, and not a drop of sperm will be left as they go into Heat. Their breasts, and my cock will continue to grow - and if my harem has their way; I'll no longer be a dignified scientist, I shall become nothing more than a sperm-factory put to stud!
big gts instant lg multiple sc science slow weird
17th Mar 08
(The Complete Archive! Chapters 1 & 2, plus the new third chapter!) I have a plan, a plan to quench the seething lust that burns in my blood, and yet retain my freedom from a life as an alien sperm-stud. There are more Shifters than ever, and their nymphomaniacal urges will drive them to turn the tables on those that would curtail their erotic rampage. Can one man retain his sanity against a legion of luscious, shape-shifting beauties determined to get their chance at my cock? (Take a wild guess!)
ag big huge instant lac lg ment mpg multiple sc science weird
27th Jul 08
Nine drop-dead gorgeous nympho-babes that loved me, served me, and were eager to fuck me on my terms! And I had to escape! Would I retain my freedom, or would I become a sperm-slave for a legion of alien sluts?
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19th Aug 08
The easy sperm has gone... No longer are there horny young men hungering after endless pussy - because they've got it. A species of sperm-hungry aliens now give every red-blooded man all the sex he could ever want. Enter Gary, a rare-breed; one of the last, honest, married men. Can he stay that way as the street, his office, the world fill to overflowing with nubile nymphos that would do anything for his cock? What awesome powers of seduction will the shape-shifters use to get fucked by the last married man alive?
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16th Jan 10
     "That silly Governor must have gone through with his stupid plan to declare a state of emergency." She scoffed. "Just because he's afraid at how fast we've been replicating lately. "Silly.... to be so afraid... of us..." Nora hissed as she ran hands across her own thighs and ass. "Men should stop worrying about where we came from, and just start fucking me more!" she moaned. Her skin darkened into a Hindu-Indian complexion as she attempted to grow five inches of jutting breast in less than ten seconds. Nora struggled to heft bowling-ball tits as she groaned her lust at the heavens.
ag aliens big hyp instant lac sc science weird
27th Oct 07
"I had to strain myself with a sleepless night of marathon sex to reassure all of my willing alien sex slaves that I did not mean to play favorites." What began with a lonely hitch-hiker soon grew into a non-stop orgy of nymphomaniac supermodels addicted to my sperm. They give blow-jobs, kinky sex, and breast-expansion theatre on demand... and I intend to show them off to the world...and my Ex-wife!
aliens big cb huge instant lac mpg multiple sc science slow weird asleep
19th Jun 08
big ment nc science slow asleep
19th Nov 01
Christine meets her cousin Clarice, who's become a sales rep for a most unusual "body makeover" company. The ensuing treatments cause much growth!
huge mg science slow asleep
29th Aug 98
Corny and Gazonga marvel at the effects of a special form of Spanish Fly in this television parody.
bg chem fa fast wow
24th May 15
A 10,000 word short story (one of three parts). Chris, a waiter and college Junior, finds a mysterious notebook in the back room of his restaurant. To his surprise, it holds the power to enlarge or shrink breasts without any risk of detection. Doe Chris use it for the good of mankind? Or is it just a tool to score him some tail? Maybe Both.
ag big fa hyp instant lac magic nc science
19th Jul 15
Chris lets the power granted to him by the Boob Note, a magical notebook capable of enlarging breasts, go to his head. He toes the line between popular playboy and dangerous sociopath. Chris quickly learns the book can not only enlarge breasts but shape reality itself. He finds a girl willing to help him experiment, but one just isn't enough for Chris. Is he going to far? Or is he just taking his new role as a modern 'Boob God' too far? Boob Note is an ongoing story being posted in smaller parts at When larger chunks of the story are finished it will be posted here. However, if you'd like to get little bits of the story sooner (and maybe even contribute to Chris' fate) check out my DA page. --SB
big fast hyp instant lac magic preg science slow
5th Sep 15
Chris has learned most of the ins and outs of the Boob Note, but he's only scratched the surface of what is capable with it. He uses his date with Penelope as an excuse to see what it can really do and makes his first real misstep with the Boob Note. Has he let his powers as a new found Boob God go to his head? Only time will tell.
big bond fa fast huge hyp instant magic ment
26th Dec 18
The background to Hourglass Delights' recent story. Three friends get big & milky after finding a mysterious can in their groceries.
ag chem fast huge hyp lac
1st Mar 02
This story was written for me (Double H) by my special friend Sofia. Any resemblance to real individuals may be correct.
big science
20th Sep 00
Classic TV with a big-boob twist!
23rd Jun 99
Jelly beans make breasts grow -- or do they?
bg fa fast wow
19th Sep 98
Claire gets a book of magic spells and experiments with the fertility ones.
bg lac magic shem asleep
10th Nov 01
Samantha recieves amazing weight-gain powers. She uses them on other women, and they gain in all the right places.
ag cb fa fast huge nc
1st Mar 98
A bizarre science experiment compresses a girl into a bottle, then triggers some breast expansion.
bg fa fast huge nc science
13th Jun 99
A lamp yields a spirit who claims to be a benevolent genie, but Jon thinks it's an evil efreet...
bg huge magic tg
21st Feb 16
Jenna gets an exercise ball to help improve her figure, but the “improvements” it brings are much bigger than she’s expecting...
ag cb fa fast huge magic
14th Dec 16
Jen buys herself a collar to kink up her sex life with Travis, though there's more to her new toy than she realizes.
ag cb huge hyp instant magic ment mpg
16th Jan 17
Jen and Travis have a fun, milky night as they continue to explore the powers of the collar. File contains parts 1 and 2.
ag fast hg huge hyp instant lac magic ment mpg multiple weird
20th May 17
Jen and Travis reveal the collar to Chelsea and Rachel, and they all have a little fun on the way to the beach. File contains parts 1-3, as well as some screenshots of Honey Select characters I made for fun based on Jen, Chelsea, and Rachel.
ag gts huge hyp instant lac magic ment weird
18th Feb 98
The origins of Lynnae and June. The ancestors of the busty duo have their first run-in with Mr. Big, have fun with a preserved T-Rex and an Aztec breast-enlarging potion.
bg huge instant magic
29th Oct 98
Teleportation experiment fuses a woman with some paper towels.
bg nc science wow
19th Sep 98
A set of magic bras and a birthday wish combine to give five girls the power to transform into superbusty superheroes!
bg ag big fa fast gts hg lg magic mg
25th Jan 99
The Bra Busters battle international terrorists!
bg big fa fast gts magic mg
20th Feb 99
DiDi and the Bra Busters take on DiDi's visiting cousin, magically transformed into a rampaging giantess!
bg fa fast gts huge magic mg
31st May 99
The superheroine team meets a pair of oriental twins who can transform magically. Can you say ""Wonder Twins""? No, no, don't say it -- Tam and Jinn are definitely not those two. Right?
bg fa fast magic mg
26th Nov 13
A story of Jessica and Kyra. One day, one of them finds a strange bra with the power to increase her bust size. But how far will it go?
big fast huge magic nc sc wow
7th Mar 12
The Complete "Bra". Awaking to find herself alone and chained in a warehouse, Jenna is forced to watch the counter clicking away her doom, her only company a mysterious video feed.

Elsewhere, bright and determined Eva is suffering her own nightmare. Her captor wants to play a game, and he's brought her friends along for the ride. She'll have one hour to find out who their captor is, what the game-master wants from them, and how it's all connected. If she can't, it's game over for all of them.

ag big bond cb chem fast hg huge lac ment mpg nc rc shem weird
1st Mar 12
This is part 1 (Chapter 1, if you will) in a series. Essentially a Saw parody, it follows the travails of a young woman Jenna who finds herself kidnapped and facing challenges to free her friends. The disclaimer at the beginning mentions all of the elements that will eventually be included in the novella, but this first installment will include BE and Bimboization predominately.
ag big bond chem fast hg ment nc science
1st Mar 12
After checking the comments section on my first upload I noticed some complaints about the format. So I went ahead and made it a Rich Text File, which I understand is the most commonly readable. This is my first upload, so live and learn, but any future uploads I will try to do in a more common format. You can read the story description in the previous upload.
ag big bond chem fast hg ment nc science
5th Mar 12
Parts 1 through 3 of my "Bra" short story. Awaking to find herself trapped in a strange warehouse, Eva is forced to play her captor's game in order to free herself and her friends before they're all remade to his delight. She has already failed to Save DeDe, but can she still save Carrie-a good girl with a big secret-or Allison, the only person to ever make Eva feel inferior? Meanwhile, Jenna still hangs by a thread as any failure by Eva ensures certain doom on her part. Provided in both .doc and .html formats.
ag big bond cb chem fast hg huge ment nc science weird
7th Aug 12
Three students christen the areas surrounding their breakfast table following a night of transformation.
ag big fast lac magic mpg nc shem asleep
25th Nov 05
The sequel to "Earth is Such A Stupid Name." Another Circle War breaks out, and what more fitting revenge on your enemies than ... well, you'll just have to read to find out, not ?
aliens chem fast gts ment mg science weird wow
31st Dec 00
Strange magical balloons merge with Sophie, giving her the power to inflate.
bg gts sc wow
15th Mar 98
A special bra can inflate any girl's breasts to enormous sizes.
bg fa fast huge
24th Nov 99
Buck Rogers meets George Orwell in this tale of 20th century people waking up a century later to be transformed into huge-breasted sluts.
bg ag chem fa fast ft huge nc offstage tg wow
15th Nov 01
Aphrodisiac leading to the destruction of mankind? Read on.
big fast lac ment nc science
23rd Nov 01
When a young woman decides to exact revenge on her tormenting classmate she gets more than she bargained for.... much more...
fast huge lac magic nc preg
2nd Mar 98
A new breast reduction procedure backfires and ends up with legal ramifications.
bg huge nc science slow
17th Jul 99
Winning at a strange videogame brings unexpected prizes for a teenage girl.
bg cb fa fast huge
3rd Jan 16
Spiritual Successor to The ID Card. Bree's new campus ID card changes her into whatever is said about her. When the changes take her to a rowdy frat party, what will she leave like...?
big instant magic ment nc
27th Nov 16
Still at the frat house, Bree finds her changes increasing in number and absurdity. When she finally makes it out, what state will she be in? Contains parts 1 and 2.
ag chem fast instant lg magic nc
6th Jan 16
Bree's new college ID card comes with a devilish twist that changes her into whatever people say about her. Part 1 of many. Spiritual successor to The ID Card, and re-uploaded in a better file format.
big fast instant magic ment nc
5th Mar 16
Bree's ID Card continues to change her as her life--and body--quickly spiral out of her control. Contains part 1.
big instant magic ment nc
20th Sep 00
A visit to a backwoods town has a young wife growing curvier and more obedient.
bg ment slow
28th Jan 02
Jason finds a strange farm, with ample women.
fast huge science
18th Nov 18
A young couple gets stranded in a small community and soon find their minds and bodies changing. The newlyweds struggle to deal with their growing desires.
bg big chem lac ment mpg preg science slow
30th Apr 10
ag big fast magic ment preg slow weird
19th Apr 09
This is my first erotic work of fiction. I am a huge fan of breast expansion and decided to take a crack at it. I hope you enjoy! :3
chem fast lac nc wow
19th Jun 08
What if two college girls make themselves into lab projects
cb chem fast huge instant lac science slow
16th Oct 08
I hope this works better than the last one uploaded
cb chem fast huge instant lac
19th Sep 11
When a girl meet a old lady whit bugs .....
fast huge lac slow weird wow
2nd Jun 98
Nanobots with morphing characteristics are accidentally released in a plant accident, with tons of transformations following.
bg ment mpg nc science tg
16th Feb 00
Lilith gets her revenge on the scientists who created the nanite plague.
bg huge mpg nc preg science weird
20th Jun 19
Build-A-Partner offers a one-of-a-kind, custom makeover to anyone who can afford it. Despite a rocky beginning, their first customers are in for a pleasant surprise.
bg big instant ment science
31st Jul 00
A bunch of teenagers experiment with a magical muscle cream.
bg big chem fa fast mg mm
5th Mar 10
A Cotton Tail bunny hostess finds a most unusual lighter. Pictures included. Bridgette pics added 03/06/10
big magic offstage asleep
22nd Nov 13
This is a story of a certain Aela. Addicted to technology, she soon finds herself at the mercy of a peculiar curse. (Note: Please inform me if there are still errors with the download, I am trying to figure out the best format to upload these in. Thanks.)
fast huge instant magic wow
28th Aug 99
Sitting next to a huge woman on the bus leads a man to a fulfilling adventure.
fa huge
16th Oct 08
Chapter 1 : After a horrible brake up with her ex, a teenager (Cindy) befriends a more mature woman (Christy.) Odd things surround this chance meeting. Not least of which is how in the world does a girl get to be so tall? And what the heck did she spill all over her shirt?
big gts lac magic ment offstage slow
5th Dec 13
Angela becomes displeased with her figure, and finds supplements that may shape her to her desires. Invloves weight loss and breast expansion. And if I may say something real quick: I don't mind any criticism. Not in the least. And I suppose I should have said this in prior story uploads, but I neglected to, so I'm saying it now: Many of the stories I am uploading were written YEARS ago, before I had any sort of reference to BE writing. All I had were vague ideas in my head to lead me. Is it an excuse for poor quality? Certainly not. I could always go back and re-edit some of them (and for most of them, I do before I upload, but not to a high degree). But I just wanted to say that. Again, this should not deter anyone from giving criticism or feedback, I just wanted to clarify and give some perspective is all. I appreciate any words or ratings of any kind, as long as they are constructive. Know that I am always working to improve my writings. Thank you.
big cb chem fast huge
12th Nov 01
Nina is jealous of Lori. Nina is a witch. Nina has a slight breast obsession. Watch Lori absorb all of Nina’s attention.
bg cb huge instant magic nc wow
12th Jun 15
Your girlfriend is taken a growing interest in a video game you're playing... and so have her boobs. A story inspired by a breast expansion version of the 2048 game.
big cb fast huge magic offstage wow
24th Sep 03
Able-bodied tit hound meets able-bodied woman with a secret: birth control pills grow her boobs and make her uncontrollably horny. She quit the pill after a bad experience in high school, but not before growing to a respectable size. Will she go back on the pill? Do ya think??? (Note, this version has been changed by the Author.)
bg ag big chem gts huge lg ment slow
19th Feb 05
Nick is unfortunately successful at creating the perfect woman.
big fast ft science shem