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28th Jan 02
Jason finds a strange farm, with ample women.
fast huge science
25th Apr 02
Jim is given a magic ring that can transform his wife. With one small side effect.
ar huge instant magic
11th Feb 18
A story that focuses on in depth expansion description. A woman is working at an archaeological dig site when she finds a fertility statue. She keeps it for herself, which results in some welcome changes.
bg ag big cb fast magic
1st Jun 18
A reserved woman buys enhancement products to spice up her sex life. She finds it hard to resist going wild as her body changes.
bg ag big cb chem fast ment mpg science
1st Jul 18
Zara suddenly starts expanding while with her boyfriend in his car. She does not know what caused the expansion, and it swiftly gets out of hand as she tries to hide it from anyone who might see!
ag cb chem fast huge lac lg magic preg
6th Jul 18
When Kimmy gets jealous of a work colleague and the size of her bust, she tries to find a way to make her breasts bigger by looking on the internet. She finds a strange way to do it that leaves her in a tricky situation. The main focus is on detailed expansion and clothing destruction.
bg big cb fast magic ment
24th Jul 18
Lucy makes a potion to give her what she has wanted for all of her life - a curvaceous body. However, before drinking it, she fails to notice a blueberry fall into the concoction...
bg ag big cb fast magic
1st Sep 18
When Nancy's boyfriend tells her about his expansion fetish, she immediately sets to work on creating a machine that will let his fantasies become a reality. There is one thing she didn't plan for though... how much it would mess with her mind.
ag chem huge ment sc science slow asleep
28th Oct 18
Sophie becomes jealous when she discovers her friend has taken a potion to become more curvy. She takes things into her own hands when she steals the potion and takes it along to a dinner party. She intends to make quite an impression on the dinner guests.
ag cb fast huge magic
30th Oct 18
April comes home to find her roommate struggling to contain her breasts as they expand. She says it is because of some chocolates that were left at the door. April gets jealous and makes herself expand too, but neither girl is prepared for just how potent the mystery chocolates are.
cb fast huge magic nc wow
14th Feb 19
A detailed story where a woman discovers a box of chocolates that make her expand whenever she eats one. It's what she's always wanted, except for one problem... she is stuck in the office, quickly outgrowing her clothes.
bg ag big cb chem fast huge lg magic sc
7th Jun 19
A girl wakes to find herself locked in a room. Soon, a strange gas makes her body hyper-fertile, making her breasts and ass grow. The reasoning for this becomes all too clear as she is pumped full of eggs and made to grow huge.
ag bond cb chem fast huge lac ment nc weird
14th Jun 19
Tess arrives at an abandoned building to take part in a trial for a new pill. She had been promised that her desire to grow taller and taller would be fulfilled, but the pill has an unexpected extra effect.
cb fast gts huge science wow
21st Apr 06
A birthday present causes extreme growth. A true house-filler!
cb chem fast nc wow
27th Sep 09
An extract from the book "Men In Love" by Nancy Friday, a study and analysis of men's sexual fantasies. This one belongs here.
cb chem fast huge lac mpg shem
28th Aug 09
ag big magic ment slow
5th May 10
Collection of be microfiction authored by yours truly.
aliens big cb chem fast ft huge instant magic ment nc offstage science tg weird
9th May 10
A dominated woman experiences BE and gives her husband what he always wanted. Short story that is all about the sex. Please comment!
big instant lac magic ment nc offstage weird asleep
28th May 10
First chapter in the story of Junko, a chaste Japanese woman and her attempt to reconcile with her estranged betrothed.
big fast instant lg magic ment
30th May 10
First two chapters in the story of Junko, a chaste Japanese woman. Her attempt to reconcile with her estranged betroth begins to spiral out of control.
ag big hg instant lg magic ment
19th Jun 10
Marsha O'Malley has everything, or does she? A rash decision and magical mayhem confuse the usually confident, cool wife of a banker. What does she really want?
cb fast huge magic ment
2nd Jul 10
A collection of BE microfiction. 15 pages of tiny stories and short stories. Cursed genies, fun females, science experiments gone awry and more. Something for everyone!
ag aliens big cb chem fast ft gts huge instant magic ment mg nc offstage science tg weird
30th Jul 10
By request. Twin sister's on a vacation with their Mum meet a strange trio of women at a beach resort. Stella and Bella have their issues, but how will they react in the presence of three sexed up women and a magical, bust enhancing dildo?
big cb fast huge instant magic ment nc shem
31st Jul 10
By request. Twin sisters on a vacation with their Mum meet a strange trio of women at a beach resort. Stella and Bella have their issues, but how will they react in the presence of three sexed up women and a magical, bust enhancing dildo? Apologies for the previous bad upload of this story.
big cb fast huge instant magic ment nc shem
22nd May 11
This is a story I've come up with recently. Figure I'll post two to four pages up at a time and when it finishes I'll repost everything as a complete story. A woman bound and determined to prove her equality in any means necessary sets out to make her name as a bounty hunter and seems to have done just that. However, after a few runins with foxes, she may find that to be more difficult than she originally believed.
big magic slow weird asleep
30th Nov 98
Two girls experiment with a potion that makes them busty and horny.
bg fa fast huge lac
16th Sep 02
Gavin's parents are leaving for a week, and he's upset that they've given him a babysitter, but his overseer for the week is from Madison University... Soon, the sexually-frustrated teen will have his hands full with expanding, ballooning, milk-spurting boobs! No wonder this babysitter came so highly recommended.
big fast lac magic mpg nc preg
9th Nov 02
Darkiel and Suna are here to destroy all humanity by decree of Lord Asmodius, except for a few small problems. No the least of which is the the jaded residents of the Big City could care less. That and a few earthly distractions seem to be getting the better of them...
hg magic preg
8th May 09
ar cb hg huge instant lac preg rc
1st Dec 01
A magic sweater causes breasts to expand with milk.
big lac magic slow
25th Jan 99
A woman unhappy with her body finds herself changing mysteriously, much to her husband's delight.
bg big chem fa fast hg lac
10th May 98
A new take on the older BE story ""Birthday Surprise"" also tells of a girlfriend who surprises her boy with a magic potion on his birthday.
bg fa fast magic mpg wow
31st Dec 18
Hannah has no concerns in the world. It's the weekend, and she is hoping to be as lazy as she can. However, a mysterious package appears on her doorstep that may help appease some of Hannah's deepest desires.
bg big chem fast huge asleep
12th Dec 07
The first of the many adventures of Matt. After gaining a new ability Matt finds he is able to shape women's bodies. His first test is on his friend Amber.
big fast gts instant lg ment rc science
13th Dec 07
Chapter 2 in the ongoing adventure of Matt. Amber keeps her word and sends a friend to see Matt, her name is Bree. Bree takes full advantage of Matts new power and things start growing.
cb fast huge rc science
14th Dec 07
Chapter 3 in the ongoing adventures of Matt. With Bree grown out of control Matt needs help. What perfect timing when Candice shows up.
fast gts lg rc science weird wow
16th Dec 07
Chapter 4 in the ongoing adventures of Matt. Amber, Bree, Candice and Danielle are all keeping Matt busy. He needs a break, and did he just see someone in the house?
big fast gts huge lac mpg sc science
2nd Aug 14
huge instant magic
2nd Jun 09
My very first story. Where do aliens get fuel for their space craft? What would the use? Kayla, a busty blonde girl gets the shock of her happy little life when she is out jogging one day.
ag aliens big cb chem fa fast lg science wow
13th Jul 18
A Long Time ago... Wait No, that's copyrighted. 9 years ago, I asked if I could possibly delve into the future of the body shifters universe. Every year I would add a page or two to the stack as I'm not confident in my writing skills, but I kept at it. So now I think I have the first set up of the world that popped into my head so long ago. And for good or ill, I'm now sharing it with all of you. Please, be gentle. ;)
bg big fast ment offstage
9th Aug 18
Michael finds himself in a hospital of shifters. Perhaps he'll find out why Jessica was acting the way she was on the mountant, with her mountants. And let's not forget if there is one shifter about, most likely a dozen lurking around waiting. (Includes the prelude) Remember if you like, hate, or want to say something leave a comment!
bg ag aliens ar big cb hg instant lac ment mpg nc sc science
25th Aug 18
Both Michael and Jessica figure out they need to work out what is happening to them. Between a pair of Doctors, a bodyguard, and a nurse name Cherry, Michael may not know what hit him, or in this case a lot of sex with him. Included in this one is a long make-out session. Even the twins see the need to keep Michael around.
bg ag aliens big cb hg instant lac lg ment mpg science
13th Dec 99
Debbie is jealous of curvaceous Tracy at the office.
bg big fa fast nc science
5th Aug 09
My first foray into erotic fiction. I hope y'all enjoy!
ag big bond huge inc instant lac magic mpg nc
29th Oct 98
Dawn brings home a vial to help her and her friend's figures, but gets more than they both bargained for.
bg fa fast huge magic
1st Apr 02
Told from the first person view as one would relate a story to a group of friends. It follows our protagonist Alan after a night of partying to his home with his new friend Brittany. He falls asleep, only to 'wake up' dreaming an odd dream.
big cb fast huge hyp mpg
5th Oct 15
The story will be written without any overarching plan, just a series of sub-arcs about Deacon's adventures, each arc probably somewhere between 2-6 chapters long. If you have an idea for an arc you'd enjoy reading, or any other suggestions really, feel free to let me know via comment or email. Please feel free to point out any spelling or grammatical mistakes, and I'll fix them immediately. All constructive criticism is greatly appreciated. ______ Deacon has recently moved from his small town in the country to the big city. Adjusting to life in the city is difficult, and just when things are starting to feel normal he recieves a gift from his grandfather, a ring which will "bring good luck". This story is a series of Deacon's adventure with his new trinket, which true to its promise brings Deacon good luck but in way's he cannot believe possible. Follow Deacon as his luck changes, reality subtle altering itself to give him everything he had ever desired and much more.
ag big cb fast gts hg huge lg magic ment slow
16th Mar 00
Adele goes a bit farther to make a sale than she intended.
bg big fa fast nc science
7th Nov 99
Cursed in the tenth century to spend eternity drinking cum to survive, a succubus still searches for a cure.
bg fa fast magic
10th Oct 99
A porn star with a new surgical bust enhancer is on a plane when the air pressure drops - imagine the effect!
bg nc science slow
20th Nov 01
Growing up causes a young girl to grow out. Way out.
big nc slow
20th Nov 01
Well, it doesn't cure what ails you. But you wouldn't believe what this stuff does for the bustline!
chem huge sc slow
20th Nov 01
Coerced by blackmail to work for a mogul, Steve has the last laugh as he frees himself from the bonds of subservience
big ment science slow tg
20th Nov 01
Orphaned on a lonely asteroid, Octavia came to depend upon her android guardian for more than just food clothing and shelter.
chem huge nc science
20th Nov 01
This is exactly what we need to turn people away from soft drinks.
huge nc slow
20th Nov 01
A magic coin makes the owner more busty, by taking it away from other women!
fast huge
20th Nov 01
Probably the best use of a time machine, ever!
huge offstage science
29th Nov 01
This is a heavily edited and much rewritted story by an unknown author named Scott Thibodo, orginally posted in a magazine.
fast huge asleep
5th May 04
With apologies to Lewis Carroll and to brassiere size aficionados for the Bra Code Violations. I really should know better...
chem huge magic wow
21st Dec 04
A remake of Noble Sword's story "Time Machine". Illustrated and converted to PDF as a Christmas gift from The Overflowing Bra to all of you.
chem huge nc offstage science
8th Mar 98
Fertility drugs have a startling side effect.
bg fa fast hg nc preg science wow
8th Mar 98
Nymphomaniac wife of a genetic scientist has an affair and pays the price.
bg ag huge lg nc preg science slow
8th Mar 98
A lonely inventor creates a virtual reality suit for exercising, with surprisingly effective results.
bg huge mm mpg nc science slow
18th Mar 13
Michael is an average man, until he stumbles upon an artifact on an archeological dig. From there his life takes on significantly more meaning. Comments are welcome. And if anyone wants to do some illustrations to add to the story,
big chem huge hyp lac mpg preg science slow
4th Aug 07
Seven short stories about growing breasts and the women attached to them.
ag aliens big cb chem fast hg huge lac magic ment multiple nc preg sc shem slow weird asleep
4th Mar 15
Two high school girls are forced to deal with the changes that one of them is going through. This is a breast-pregnancy story.
cb huge lac offstage preg slow
9th Jul 14
An innocent vial with a mysterious substance decides to give an anonymous girl the royal treatment.
ag cb chem fast hg huge lac lg magic ment sc weird
5th Aug 17
A day at the beach proves to be more eventful than a petite scientist anticipated. More sweet-induced shenanigans lurk within a mysterious substance.
ag cb chem fast gts hg lac lg wow
12th Nov 17
Willa was expecting to spend the rest of her Friday night sleeping in bed, but a little bit of magical candy can really fill up one's schedule.
cb fast huge lac magic
23rd Sep 07
A mishap with a helium tank creates a human balloon.
ag big bond fast nc science
14th Dec 08
Some corsets enhance the figure more than others...
ag big bond cb fast magic nc
28th Jul 15
Jade and her friends are confused about the sudden "growth spurt" of Destiny. Maybe they'll find out what exactly is going on... Hello all! This is the first story I've written. Hope you all like it and that it isn't too cringey :P
big chem fast ment asleep
2nd May 19
Kendra gets three wishes! Plus a little something on the house...
bg big fast magic slow asleep
4th May 19
Kendra makes her first wish. And makes full use of it. Includes Part 1.
bg big fast instant magic
11th May 19
Kendra uses her second wish and gives Mike a boost. Includes Parts 1 & 2
bg big cb fast instant magic mpg
25th May 19
Kendra makes a comment that she immediately regrets...or enjoys? Who knows...
bg big bond fast huge lac magic
19th Nov 08
Lucy buys some clothes from a strange shop. My first story, and the first in the Natural Properties series, so any criticism, good or bad, is very welcome.
ag big cb fast magic